Experienced retail coaching

In today’s world of digital transformation, Retailers are being asked to sell goods in store, through a webshop, in marketplaces, on social media and through many channels. The burden of staying technology savvy, whilst managing these channels can be daunting. Not only do retailers have to manage stock, purchasing, aesthetics, advice, experience and sales in store, but are expected to offer a replicated customer experience online. Loyalty programmes, online purchasing discounts, shoppable content campaigns, a “try before you buy” service, “buy now pay later” options and 30 day, no quibble, free returns. All designed to make it easier for your customer to buy.

The team at Retailable and our extensive list of associates can provide impartial and expert advice on many aspects of growing or improving your retail business via our retail coaching process.

Retailable POS training

With our Retailable Hybrid POS, you have more than a cash register system. Hybrid Retail connects your inventory management, purchasing policy, marketing and webshop. This puts every business activity on one system in a simple efficient way. Retailable is a Hybrid product for your company. We often see that stores do not fully utilise the functionality of our Hybrid Retail POS.  Do you want to know more about the functional possibilities of our Hybrid Retail POS or do you want to get on with the system even better? We provide customised training for you and for your staff. This training does not only focus on the POS system, but also on the process itself within your retail. Do you want advice about your purchasing policy, sales techniques, marketing or inventory management? Our retail POS specialists are happy to help you with this.

Strategy Coaching

Where are you now with your retail? Where do you want to go? How do you want to tackle that and what results should it deliver? All questions that determine your strategy. The strategy determines whether or not your company will ultimately succeed. Retailable can support you with the organisational strategy, the personnel policy and the talent development. With a good strategy you can respond better to opportunities and threats within the changing market. Consider, for example, new technologies that contribute to changing consumer behavior with regard to purchases. Be ahead of your competitors by determining a good strategy in advance so that you can excel in your marketplace. Do you need coaching and guidance to determine a good strategy? Retailable has in-house retail specialists, who can advise and support you with their expertise. Together we will ensure that with the right strategy your company grows and moves with the times, in the future and within your marketplace.

Purchasing policy

With your store you are always busy with your purchasing, stock and sales policy. What did you sell? Which products are going well? What do you have in stock? Which products do you need to purchase and when do you need them. To Make this simpler, clearer and, above all, more efficient. Retailable has Hybrid Retail POS. A Smart Retail System with cash register, stock management, customer data and marketing options. Everything organised in one system. You immediately have a clear view of which products are selling well, what is currently your stock and which product must be purchased for which location and at what time. To ensure that you can easily manage this system and ultimately become an expert in it, we not only offer training in this, but also support you in your purchasing policy. From a different perspective, things can come to light that you have not thought about or simply did not have time to think about. Retailable offers you support, so that you can apply a purchasing policy with new insights for now and in the future.